Busy is the new enemy.

We all understand the importance of planning, but constant demands consume our time and can leave us with regrets.

We build business plans, financial plans, retirement plans, vacation plans, yet don't take the time to make a Life Plan.

A Life Plan helps you define your ideal destination and build a road map to get there. 

Who needs a Life Plan?


High Achievers 

You are a high achiever but you want to make sure what you are doing is aligned to your calling. 



You know the importance of planning for success at work, but have not taken the time to make a plan for your life.


Rising Stars 

You want a clear vision for your destination as you begin to apply your talent and hard earned knowledge.   


Launching a new Chapter 

You are in the mist of change. You want to make sure your well prepared for the adventure ahead.

Step 1: Start the process by scheduling a free planning session.

Before you invest in building your own Life Plan, schedule a free thirty minute planning session where we will review the process and answer any questions you may have. If you decide to move forward, a Life Plan workbook will be shipped to you, and a Life Planning Professional will guide you through the process.

Free Planning Session Details:

  • Free download 

  • Thirty minute, one on one overview 

  • Simply choose a convenient time and date 

Step 2: Choose an Option to Build Your Plan

Virtual Life Planning Sessions 

A Life Planning Professional will lead you through the process of building your custom Life Plan over five one hour sessions, scheduled at your convenience.

In-Person Life Planning Sessions

For the most personalized approach you can schedule time to meet with a Life Planning Professional, in-person. We are currently available to meet in the greater Orlando area.

*Please contact us to request in-person sessions outside of Orlando. 

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Passionate about helping people.

In the midst of working hard and starting a family, I started to get caught up in the trap of a endlessly busy schedule. I had no time to think or plan and time seemed to flash before my eyes. I watched others in the same position make big mistakes that caused  pain and regret. 
Searching for answers, I found a process called a Life Plan. After completing it, my life changed. Spending the time to reflect on my life and legacy provided the clarity I needed.
It was then that I realized my purpose was to help others make a Life Plan. I realized I could apply my fourteen years of experience at a fortune 100 company to create a unique process that would help others like me. 
It is my prayer that everyone takes the time to create a Life Plan and live a an amazing story without regrets.
Your legacy depends on it!
- Steve Flynn, Founder Driven Life, LLC

What is a Life Plan?

Think of a Life Plan as a road map. A Life Plan is a tool to help you reflect in an intentional way so that you maximize the impact of your life and legacy. 

Why do I Need a Life Plan?

If you don't take the time to make a plan you're more likely to allow distractions, stress and temptations take you off track and leave you living with regrets.   

Who is this process designed for?

This process is designed for those who are looking to maximize their impact on the world by being intentional about how they use their talent, time and resources. 

How long does it take to create a Life Plan?

 The Life Plan process can be completed in five one hour sessions. Sessions are available in-person or over the phone/video conference. 

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