Your Kids Think You're a Superhero

Superhero Dad - Web.jpeg

Kids think their parents can do just about anything. They think you're the strongest, smartest, funniest human on the planet. 

My father-in-law is a huge car enthusiast. He owns a classic 57' Ford and used to spend his weekend drag racing. A few weeks ago, he and I went to the Gator Nationals, a pro drag race in Gainesville, Fl. My son, a mini-me of my father-in-law, also lives and breathes anything with a motor. As the pro dragsters screamed down the drag strip, I took a video and sent it to my wife to share with him. The first question his little three-year-old mind asked was "Wow, what car was Daddy in?!"

It was hilarious, but this little kid honestly thought I was in a pro level drag car going 320+mph down a drag strip. 

It's funny how we don't have the same view of ourselves. Wouldn't it be great to view life this way? Wouldn't you love to have the same confidence in your own abilities that your children see in you?

What if you shook off the limitations formed by years of hardship, heartache and doubt and instead, viewed your potential through the eyes of a child?

This week, think about that thing you have been wanting to pursue but keep talking yourself out of. A challenge you're afraid to take on, a race that seems too hard, or the opportunity that seems beyond your capabilities. 

Put aside the jaded adult lens and trade it for some child-like optimism and belief. You may never be the best, but you'll always be their hero.