We All Need Anchors

Like boats use anchors to keep from drifting, anchors in life do the same. Regardless of what happens, anchors keep us from straying too far. We all need them to keep from drifting to unintended places.

Anchors can take the form of things like family dinners, date nights or consistent coffee with a friend. Anchors can also represent activities like working out, going to church or getting enough sleep. 

They are built from relationships or routines that keep you grounded and tie you to your purpose.

When life gets busy, you are tempted to pull up your anchors, missing a dinner here and there, declining a standing appointment, or staying up a few extra hours. The problem is, inevitably you'll begin to drift. 

At first you drift slowly, barely noticing you've moved at all. But over time, it's easy to drift further than you ever intended. You eventually move so far, you worry you may not be able to get back.

The good news is, you can drop an anchor anytime you choose. Call the friend you've neglected and invite them to coffee. Get out of bed and go for that run. Cut out of work a little early and have dinner with your family. Take your spouse out to a movie. 

Soon you will feel the tug of a life well grounded to the anchors that will correct your course. 

Take some time this week and list the anchors you have in your life and make a commitment to always keep them firmly in place.