What is a Life Plan?

Think of a Life Plan as a road map. I believe that God has a destination planned for us all. However, we are given the free will to make decisions along our journey. These decisions will determine if we truly connect with our calling and maximize our impact. A Life Plan helps you determine the right steps.  

Why do I Need a Life Plan?

If you don't take the time to make a plan "busy" creeps in, and you're more likely to allow distractions, stress and temptations take you off track and leave you living with regrets. I don't want to see another talented Christian professional whose influence is neutralized by the wrong decisions or whose impact is muted by chasing the wrong things. 

Who is this process designed for?

This process is designed for those who are looking to maximize their impact on the world by being intentional about how they use their talent, time and resources. 

How long does it take to create a Life Plan?

Complete the process at your own pace. Schedule your Life Planning sessions at your convenience and allow me to help guide you through the process. Most clients complete their Life Plan in five sessions, over 5-10 weeks.